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No supplies that I personally make and supply to you, can be used for any monetary gain what so ever, either in its current form as supplies or anything that is made with the supplies.

I supply them to you freely and you must use them in the same manner.

Thank you.

All of these tutorials were created by me using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

The ideas are completely my own and I ask that you do not copy or re-produce any of my resources or tutorials and claim them as your own.

All my tutorials are registered with TWinc so theft of them will NOT be tolerated. You can do what you like with the results of my tutorials, as long as it is Not for monetary gain.

All supplies that I provide are either made by me or have been shared with me and must not be used in any other tutorial without written permission.

Please do not direct link to my images, as this is Bandwidth theft and will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

At present I DO NOT allow my tutorials to be translated.

If you are a MSN group manager and wish to link to any of my tutorials for your challenges, please TEXT link only and leave a message on myShout Box letting me know where the tutorials will be linked to.

I reserve the right to join any group to see where my tutorials will be used.

That's about it.lol

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