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This tutorial

was written by me, Gems, September 15th 2008

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

My tutorials are at present to remain exclusive to

Gorjuss Taggin Too and are not to be translated.

My Tutorials are registered at TWinc.

Please do not copy them, or claim them as your own.You may txt link but please leave a link back to my site.


I am using the wonderful art of Suzanne Woolcott

You need a licence to use Suzannes work, which you can purchase through

Gorjuss Art

this was written in PSPX

and assumes you have a good understanding of PSP

Scrapkit is from Scrappy bit of Fun and is called "Splendid Times" its a big file but so worth the wait

My Supplies

Font i used is WaterbrushRob

ok off we go!!

Open a new canvas 800 x 700 and flood fill with white

Get my mask layer and paste as a new layer

Get the double frame and paste as a new layer

Use your selection tool set to rectangle

and draw around the middle of your frame edge

flood fill with a colour of choice from your tube or

an image of choice or a paper of choice

If using a paper/image paste as a new layer > selections-invert-delete

move the paper behind your frame on your layer palette

select none

Open your glitter hearts(Resize by 40%) and the glitter ring(resize the ring by 60%) and paste as new layers and move them above my mask layer

I copy and pasted my other elements as new layers and added a drop shadow

use your selection tool set to freehand to crop any areas you dont want to see.

I resized my pin and placed in the corner with the same drop shadow

I resized my stringbow eyelet3 by 50% and placed it to the right of the frame> use your deform tool to resize and rotate further if needed.

I placed my charm on a wire on a new layer below the frame but above the image so that it is visible through the frame.

I added my tag on a chain and used my deform tool to angle and resize to my liking

on the tag i added my text, i chose i thicker font and i applied it as a vector, then to my layer palette > convert layer to raster with my break free text layer hi lighted go to effects > 3d effects > cutout and apply these settings.

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Now hide all your layers apart from your glitter ring layer and your glitter hearts layer > click on the hearts to activate. layers > merge > merge visible

stay with your hearts/glitter ring layer adjust > add noise> and add noise with these settings

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Now go to >adjust > sharpness > sharpen


Get your main tube image and paste it on your canvas. Place it so that it appears to be running through from one frame to the other right to left. Resize if needed.

layer palette > duplicate >layers > arrange > bring to top

add a strong drop shadow on the bottom tube

11>11>76>8.00 colour black and now activate your duplicate tube image apply the same drop shadow.

Use your selection tube set to rectangle and select right along the edge of the frame, around the back half of the tube

and then hit delete. This makes it look like the unicorn is jumping out of the frame.

Use your eraser tool to tidy up any drop shadow residue.

When you are happy

Add your Name and ę info

layers merge- merge visible.

Image-resize-resize by 90%

and crop any excess

Save as a jpg/png and your done!!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i hope you found it easy to follow?

any problems at all please feel free to shout!!

Hugs Gemsxx

ArtworkęSuzanne woolcott SW521 Gems08