This tutorial

was written by me, Gems, October 28th 2008

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

All my tutorials are registered with Twinc.

I am using the wonderful art of Suzanne Woolcott

You need a licence to use Suzannes work, which you can purchase through

Gorjuss Art

this was written in PSPX and animation shop

and assumes you have a good understanding of PSP & AS

Scrapkit from Monica in supplies

please visit Monica's site


Font i used is Kontiki

ok off we go!!

Open a new canvas 800 x 600 and flood fill with white

open up my frame and paste as a new layer

Choose a paper from the kit copy onto your canvas as a new layer > drop it below your frame

use your freehand selection tool to draw around the edge of the frame so it is selected

with your paper layer active go to

selections > invert > delete

select none

Open up your tree and snowman elements from the kit

resize by 60% smart size

Paste them as new layers

Add a light drop shadow,

Add what ever elements you like to this

i used the glitter and put that on the layer above the paper

bows and a candy cane and any other elements of choice

I applied them all as new layers

and resized them individually by using my pick/deform tool

apply the same drop shadow to all your elements.

I resized 3 different baiubles to 25% and placed them on the out side of my frame, see my tag for reference

add a slightly darker drop shadow to those. Get my text layer

and paste it as a new layer

layers > arrange > bring to the top

Hide your frame, text, flower and bauble layers, and your white background bottom layer also

activate your snowman layer,

layers > merge > merge visible.


now hide your main background image and your white background bottom layer, and have your frame, text, flower and bauble layers showing

layers > merge > merge visible.


Now use your freehand selection tool to select around your frame again, with the main element bckg active,

selections > invert > delete > select none.

This will have trimmed off all your edges

Now add your Main tube image and your copyright

drop the tube below the frame, your ę above the frame,hide your main background and white bckg layers and then with the tube active

layers > merge > merge visible.


hide the frame/tube layer

activate your element layer

edit > copy merged ,copy your background image

Now over to animation shop

paste your background image into AS

duplicate your background layer untill you have 10 Layers

open up the snow (it has 10 Layers)

on your bckg image > edit > select all

on your snow > edit > select all > edit > copy

click on your bckg image blue bar to activate it > on your tools make sure your propergate paste button is active

edit > paste into selected

keep doing edit paste untill you have the required coverage of snow you would like

it should take about 2-3 times

now back over to psp

Hide the 2 back ground layers activate the frame,tube and text layer

edit > copy

back to AS

paste as a new animation

edit copy click on your backgroundsnow image

edit > paste > into selected

line the frame up with your background

goto view and check the animation is running ok and thats it!!

Save it and your done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i hope you found it easy to follow?

any problems at all please feel free to shout!!

Hugs Gemsxx

ArtworkęSuzanne woolcott SW521 Gems08