This tutorial

was written by me, Gems, November 25th 2008

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

My tutorials are registered with Twinc

I am using the wonderful art of Suzanne Woolcott

You need a licence to use Suzannes work, which you can purchase through

Gorjuss Art

this was written in PSPX & AS

and assumes you have a good understanding of both

No Scrapkit just supplies provided, made or tubed by myself
tubes made from stock photography from Getty Images

Plug ins - Muras Copies-encircle - if making from scratch

Font i used - Fairydust


ok off we go!!

Open a new canvas 650 x 650 and flood fill with white

Copy and paste my mask layer as a new layer
Now get my text layer and paste as a new layer
Now either paste my shabbyflower circle as a new layer
or paste the individual flower as a new layer
go to effects > muras > copies > encirlce
and apply the default.
apply a small drop shadow1-1-50-5.00

paste the wicker wreath as a new layer
apply same drop shadow as before.
or apply the wreath, button and ribbon laces as new layers,
use my tag as a guide, hide all layers except these 3
layers > merge > merge visible
Now add your tube place it so that it sits in the wreath
add a drop shadow.

Add your ę and licence info and your name

add the butterflies as a new layer add a drop shadow.
make sure they are on top =
layers > arrange > bring to top
hide all layers apart from the wreath and tube
layers > merge > merge visible
activate the tube/wreath layer
make sure you are happy with its posistion
layer palette > duplicate.
edit > copy merged

over into animation shop
edit > paste as a new animation
back to psp
On the top copy of your wreath
go to your pick tool,
screeney1.png picture by debowen1968
now use the angle node
to move the swing to the right.
Use the bottom wreath layer to line up your button.
fsscreeney2.png picture by debowen1968
hide the bottom wreath/tube layer once you are lined up properly
fsscreeney3.png picture by debowen1968
make sure you have a visible layer active
edit > copy merged

over into Animation Shop
right click > paste after current frame
back to psp

unhide bottom wreath layer(centre)
and hide the top wreath layer
edit > copy merged

over into Animation Shop
edit > paste > paste after current frame
back to psp

unhide the top wreath (the one angled to the right)
now use your pick tool and move the top wreath layer right ove to the left
use the bottom wreath as a guide for placement
hide the bottom wreath(the center one)
edit > copy merged

over into Animation Shop
edit > paste > paste after current frame
edit > select all
right click on the blue frame of your first frame
goto frame properties
change the display properties to 58 and ok it
now go to view > animation
and check your animation is running properly
and thats it
all done!!

and your done!!

Hope you enjoyed this tut any problems please just give me a shout
Hugs Gemsxx

ArtworkęSuzanne Woolcott amideow Gems08